Repeal Alabama's HB56



Foreign Investors

Alabama’s economy has benefited greatly from foreign investment. But the heavy-handed nature of H.B. 56 has created an unwelcoming environment for foreign-owned businesses, as was evidenced by two separate incidents in which a German Mercedes-Benz manager was detained and a Japanese Honda manager was charged for not carrying the required documents under the law. The following companies are being asked to add their voices in calling for the repeal of H.B. 56.


In 1993, the Confederate Flag was removed from atop the Alabama state Capitol. Several months later, Daimler-Benz announced plans to open an auto manufacturing plant in Alabama, beginning a wave of foreign investment that revived the state’s economy. The top investors – most of them related to the auto industry -- set up shop in Alabama because of the promise of a positive business climate, a good labor market, and the expectation of selling their products to all people, regardless of status or ethnic origin. But Alabama H.B. 56, a law that legitimizes racial profiling, has dashed those expectations. H.B.56 must be repealed for the sake of the state, its residents and business climate.

Marching from Selma to Montgomery to Protest H.B. 56

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